Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop is the secure and anonymous feedback app that helps you get structured feedback from friends and peers.

The Personal Development App

Feedback Loop enables anyone to receive structured, anonymous feedback from friends and peers. Modeled after effective corporate executive training, Feedback Loop democratize your personal and professional growth.

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The Power of a 360 Review … For Anyone

The 360 review is a vital corporate development tool that too few have access to. Until now.

Feedback Loop is:

  • Easy: Our chatbot only requires a few pieces of information, then we take care of the rest!
  • Anonymous: Only you will ever see your feedback. Your feedback is not associated with your email address. For those giving feedback, the recipient only gets to view the results after three or more people have responded.
  • Secure: Once you download your feedback, it is deleted from our servers and only stored locally on your phone.
  • Effective: Feedback Loop is tailored to help you receive actionable input and drive meaningful results.

What are your blind spots?

The Johari Window, a self-help method pioneered by psychologists, helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. By documenting and observing what you see in yourself, and what others see in you, you can identify improvement areas and traits that should be accentuated. 

Know Thyself

Feedback Loop helps you discover and unlock the great things that others see in you. Say goodbye to blind spots and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

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